Eternity I


eternity I


2016 – 2017
Bronze with  patina red brown patina, the elements are fixed on a H- shape base, buried in the ground.

elemento 1 cm 150 x 600 x 0,8
elemento 2 cm 280 x 175 x 0
elemento 3 cm 490 x 240 x 0,8
elemento 4 cm 340 x 290 x 0,8
elemento 5 cm 280 x 180 x 0,8
elemento 6 cm 360 x 200 x 0,8

Exhibition for the 57th Biennale di Venezia – Villa Foscari, La Malcontenta –  curate by Bruno Corà – see catalog

‘Eternity I is a set composed of six elements in bronze, of different shape and size, standing on the green mantle of the lawn and set at distances from each other corresponding to the Fibonacci numerical sequence of natural proliferation. The tall, open forms of Eternity I, although defined by an earthy patina, unfurl in the air like sails fluttering in the wind. Von Thüngen’s creation derive their forms from the rough surfaces of hypogeic cavities that were once the catacombs underneath the sculptures. The conquest of air, light and green by these cavities transformed into works of art is due to the qualifying action of the artist who, with tenacity, has realised her aesthetic and poetic dream. Eternity I, which as sculpture have an objective physical extension, develop the premises of a plasticity intuited as the ‘continuity’ of matter  in space (Boccioni) and achieve the goal of emancipation from objectuality (Martini) .At the same time, in the context of contemporary sculpture, they enact the miracle of encompassing the zero time of Eternit ‘

Bruno Corà (translation by Helen Aelmuire Cleary)