Time, light, sound and nature are brought together in beautiful harmony. Harp is, like Sesamo, a highly personalized and emotive piece and is bursting with colour, passion and potential. The collector’s children recited their own names and the sound waves were recorded and represented in hand blown Murano glass tubes. These are set on iron rods which prevent an old tree from collapsing; representing the youth supporting the older generation. The texture of the glass resembles the bark of the trunk; symbolizing the similarities passed down through family. With the different lights of day the unique red colour appears alive; the work changes as the glass fluctuates from flaming bright to glowing warm or fading into darkness. These works have immeasurable variation and potential.

Murano glass, iron rods

Size variable.

The 3 section represent the voices and names of the collectors children. The tree is a Mediterranean pine tree, in order to prevent the tree to collapse,
each section contains a 10 thick iron rod. All glass pieces are mouth blown and hand carved in Murano, Venice. The color has been mixed especially for this purpose and contains a crystal coating.

Site specific commission –  private collection  – Italy