cm 200 x 200

Tubi di ottone e  rame, filo d’acciaio

Cortile della Memoria -permanent Installation at the Museo dell ANRP Associazione Nazionale Reduci della Prigionia – Roma


The work SPERANZA – HOFFNUNG is intended as a sculptural sound bridge to enable a journey through time to look beyond the present together into a choral vision of humanity.

In the two languages that have indissolubly linked the ANRP since the beginning, the Italian word SPERANZA is figuratively merged with the German word HOFFNUNG in this work. Words can change worlds.

Hope means future in every language.

Visiting the ANRP together with the memorabilia of so many prisoners, brought back to my mind my youth with the impressive stories of my mother’s husband. As a German soldier, he had escaped from Russian captivity twice. He emphasized that just the hope of rejoining his family would have given him strength to endure the endlessly harsh conditions.

The sculptural proposal for the museum’s courtyard consists of brass and copper tubes of different lengths and diameters, which are attached to fine steel cables. They not only visualize but also veklanglichen the two stylized sound waves – onde sonore – of the words: SPERANZA and HOPE.

Each voice differs from another even more precisely than our fingerprints.

The brass tubes represent the word SPERANZA, spoken by a survivor of the ANRP, into which is inserted the word HOFFNUNG, spoken by a German youth, represented by the reddish copper tubes.

SPERANZA encloses HOFFNUNG. Our future is part of our past.

The free-hanging tubes moved by wind or by spectators create soft sounds, like a common chorus of hope. The white circle painted on the wall as a background seems like an opening into the future.

125 cm x 290 cm x 10 cm
brass and copper
first price for ANRP call 2023
site specific permanent installation